This webinar series is all about inspiring you for the year ahead - so grab a hot cocoa, get comfortable and be ready to be inspired with these three community focused webinars.

Control Your Platform and Your Community Destiny

Session 1

Why should brands own their own platform for connecting with their customers? Jake and Todd explore the importance of branded communities and the challenges brands can face if they rely solely on social media for community building.

Points of discussion:

  • What are the biggest challenges you see for people building communities on social media?
  • How can companies respond/move forward with their outreach to their communities when social has become such a challenge?
  • Tips for people working on this kind of transition
  • Anecdotes of people you’ve helped on making this move, and results you can share?
  • What do you see in the value of companies owning or having more control of their platform?
  • How can CM’s convince executives of this importance? 

The New Role of Community Managers

Session 2

Get ready to be inspired by how you as a community manager can take yourself to the next level in 2019. Carrie and Sarah are leaders in the community build space; Vanilla will have a fireside chat with them to talk about the ways you can go about building communities in a more involved and ethical way.

Points of discussion:

  • Community Managers as experts in community design to move beyond engagement.
  • The Ethical responsibility CM's now have in building communities
  • How companies can leverage trends to be leaders - by creating ethical spaces and engaging their community.
  • What are your tips to making your voice heard to various stakeholders?
  • What happens when company executive team values no longer align with the external company you are representing?

Why Executives Need to Care About Community

Session 3

Are you an executive looking to really engage your community in 2019? Or perhaps a Community Manager looking to get buy in from your exec. team? Join Adam and Emilia for a discussion on the importance of community for business success.

Points of discussion:

  • Why should executives care about community in 2019 for their business success?
  • Why do you think companies can’t wait to embrace community in 2019?
  • Where do you see the role of executives in driving these kinds of community programs in 2019 and beyond?
  • What do you think are the major roadblocks for CM's in getting more executive buy in and how can they overcome them?
  • Who or which companies do you think do a great job driving community from the top all the way down?

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