Your chance to stay ahead of the trends for 2020, and hear from five of our community experts as they respond to your most pressing questions from our newly released 2020 Community Predictions ebook!

In this webinar series, we’ll take a closer look at some of the trends identified for 2020, and we’ll address your questions in a fireside chat format on the following topics respectively:

Community Integration into the Total Organization Ecosystem, Chapter 11
Community Goes Green, Chapter 1
Rise of the Branded Community Over Social Media , Chapter 10
Shift Towards Executive Interest in Community, Chapter 9


Community Integration into the Total Organization Ecosystem

When: Monday January 20 at 12-1pm ET  (5-6pm UTC)

This trend represents a movement wherein online communities are recognized by departments within organizations to play a central role in achieving their business goals. 




Todd Nilson is the Founder and Digital Strategist at Clocktower Advisors; a global digital strategy consultancy that works to align digital transformation to business goals. Todd specializes in social collaboration, digital workplaces, and community. He is deeply committed to fostering entrepreneurship and raising awareness about how disruptive technologies have an impact on the nature of work.


Community Goes Green

When: Tuesday January 21 at 12-1pm ET (5-6pm UTC)

The green trend will see the collective and unified effort of online communities and community professionals make changes in how they conduct business in 2020.




Tim Falls stumbled into the community profession in 2009. For the past decade, he's been leading community teams within various software companies and serving as a consultant, mentor, and advisor to entrepreneurs around the world. He is currently the Director of Community at Digital Ocean. The highest purpose of Tim's work is to harness the power of community to save and heal the planet.


Rise of the Branded Community Over Social Media 

When: Wednesday January 22 at 12-1pm ET (5-6pm UTC)

Social media platforms aren't the best place to build a long-term, controlled and engaged online community, and in 2020, this trend will be increasingly realized by organizations. 


2-25Sophie Bujold is the Founder of Cliqueworthy and is deeply passionate about bringing people together in genuine and impactful ways. She taps into more than 20 years of experience in community building, customer experience and digital strategy to create outstanding community experiences for businesses and the people they serve. Beyond Cliqueworthy, she can be found flexing her creative muscles—whether it’s exploring with her Canon SLR or creating a mixed-media masterpiece. She’s also currently accepting recommendations for her next trip abroad.


Shift Towards Executive Interest in Community

When: Thursday January 23 at 12-1pm ET (5-6pm UTC)

It’s predicted that in 2020, we will finally see a solid shift in how executives view online community and the value that they have on organizations.


3-4Marjorie Anderson is the Founder of Community by Association and the Manager of Digital Communities at Project Management Institute. Since 2017, Marjorie has contributed to the development of a long-standing research report by The Community Roundtable, which provides a yearly outlook on the state of the profession and its influence within organizations. She has been featured on the Community Signal and Conversations with Community Managers podcasts, Association Chat with KiKi L’Italien, was a speaker during SURGE Co-Creation through Association Success, and has written for Associations Now magazine.


Privacy and Data Management

When: Friday January 24 at 12-1pm ET (5-6pm UTC)

Privacy and data management will be top of mind for most communities in 2020 and will not only shape how communities operate, but also how members view the community as a whole.


Nicole Banks


Nicole Banks is a Community Manager at Synopsys’ Software Integrity Group based in San Francisco. She has been building and advocating developer communities in the security field for nearly 5 years. She also previously managed the Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup group, the largest monthly security meetup group in the Bay Area.



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