9 Success Factors in Building a Successful Community

On Demand Webinar

While others may be able to steal any successful ideas you may have for your community, one thing that will always belong to you is the unique relationships you’ve built with your members. This is something that can never be replicated by others since, if done correctly, your members will identify with your community in a way that’s specific to your brand, your message and/or your purpose.

But to build a strong and reliable community, you have to go beyond simply getting people engaged and sharing interesting content. You need to ensure that your members are able to identify with the community, which doesn’t always come easy. And building these relationships takes time and expertise.

Hear from consultant and lecturer for digital communications, Tanja Laub, as she outlines the nine key success factors in building better relationships with your customers. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why relationships are the key to community and how to ensure it’s a two way exchange
  • What factors can help secure strong and long lasting relationships
  • How to get members to identify with your community in a way that matters
  • How to encourage relationships between members themselves
Tanja Laub
Community Strategist

Tanja is a consultant and lecturer for digital communication with a focus on community management. She works as a digital strategist and has built up several communities from scratch, including working for the RTL media group and as project manager community for the Douglas perfumery. She advises companies in all aspects of community management, from the development of a strategy, to user communication. Additionally, Tanja is Chairwoman of the German Association of Community Management (BVCM), which is committed to professionalizing the profession of Social Media and Community Manager.

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