Building a Sustainable and Measurable Developer Relations Strategy

How and Why companies are running DevRel Programmes

Developer relations is one of the fastest growing forms of community management. Practised by companies from Microsoft and Amazon right down to the smallest start-ups; developer relations works to build awareness and encourage the adoption of software products targeted for developers.

Join developer relations expert Matthew Revell, founder of, as he shares his insights from the 2019 State of Developer Relations report. After this webinar, you’ll come away with an understanding of:

  • How companies measure the success of developer relations
  • How teams are structured and where they are positioned in an organization
  • The primary motivations for developer relations
  • How professionals in the field of developer relations feel about their roles
  • How the points above impact the outcomes of a developer relations community

Further, this webinar will also explore some strategies for building a sustainable and measurable developer relations strategy.

Guest Speaker

Matthew is the founder and principal consultant of Hoopy, a consultancy that helps companies to build awareness, adoption, and community for developer-targeted products. He also founded and runs the international developer relations conference series, DevRelCon, with editions in London, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Matthew works with various teams every day to help them build developer relations programmes for APIs and other products aimed at developers. He has watched how developers have grown from being basement dwellers, almost forgotten by management, to becoming amongst the most powerful people in the world.

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