Welcome to the Vanilla #CMGR Spring Bootcamp - an on-demand bootcamp extravaganza designed for Community Managers and Customer Experience Managers to help sharpen their skills. All Videos are live recordings from our Q2 2019 Event!
In this series, you’ll learn about tactics, channels and methodologies that work in keeping your customers engaged and community thriving. From marketing, to e-learning, social media, customer success strategies and community design, there is something for everyone.
Watch and learn from seasoned experts, from the comfort of your own desk, at your own pace. 
Featuring presenters from these great organizations:
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Day 1

Marketing Automation to Engage your Community Members
Vanilla Forums - Adrian Speyer, Head of Community & Zoey O'Brien, Marketing Manager
Join Adrian and Zoey, the lead community and marketing professionals at Vanilla Forums, for a discussion on how you can efficiently automate your marketing efforts to boost productivity. Learn how to effectively use your data to target relevant community members with content that they’ll actually want to see. Adrian and Zoey will also be sharing need-to-know marketing automation terms/components, tactics and strategies to engage your community members….and lastly, actionable advice that you can put to use in your own online community.
Step Aside, Content. There’s A New Royal In Town
TryLately - Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO
Don’t let your community think you’re stuck in the dark ages. Find out why “access” is the new king and learn how you can help your business create inclusive, accessible engagement campaigns designed to pull back the curtain and establish and deepen the currency that rules us all–customer trust. By leveraging human emotion – you can not only connect with customers but transform them into evangelists. Companies that are able to reveal their “humanness” are perceived to be the most accessible and therefore the most trustworthy. We’ll demonstrate how you can help your business elevate the “human” behind your brand at scale, including tips and tricks designed to increase permission-based messaging, shared marketing, and more.
Best Community Practices for Conducting Quantitative Research
Qualtrics - Chris Adams, Head of Growth and Strategy
As online communities have grown in popularity we have found that most community managers tend to want to collect feedback from their constituents but don't always know how. Qualtrics is the world's leader in collecting experience feedback and we have three key topics we are going to discuss in our session to help you gain more actionable feedback from your community. Our session will focus on best practices around designing surveys for high-quality feedback, Qualtrics automated solutions to help drive statistically validated research, and finally, some tips and tricks that we have seen make a big impact for folks that are doing research within a community.

Day 2

Using Video to Build a Stronger Connection with your Online Communities
Vidyard - Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing
When it comes to engaging your online communities, video is the next best thing to being there in person! Yet most community managers shy away from video as it's too expensive to create and too difficult to share. But alas, this is no longer true! Modern tools make it simple for any community manager, customer success rep, and anyone else to record and share personalized videos that help you build a more personal, authentic and trusted relationship with your community. Join Tyler from Vidyard and special guests to learn the latest tips and tricks for how to use video to better support your community, how to enable your members to create and share videos, what types of videos you should think about creating, and how to get started with this immediately!
Building Relationships by Stimulating Engagement with Curated Content
UpContent - Scott A. Rogerson, CEO
Communities thrive when engagement becomes habitual amongst its membership. Establish your community as a habit for your members by consistently providing informative, entertaining, and stimulating insights. Join Scott from UpContent to uncover how employing a collaborative curation strategy can not only ensure consistent fodder for connecting with your brand, but facilitating discussion between community members.
Building a Growth Engine through the Voice of Your Customers
Winning by Design - Emilia D’Anzica, Partner
Join Emilia D'Anzica, Partner at Winning by Design, as she discusses strategies that keep your customers engaged and your community thriving. She will share how she scaled customer engagement communities in Silicon Valley and beyond. Communities aren't just about product engagement. They are about communicating to your different customer personas and helping them understand how similar customers are achieving high-impact goals while getting the most out of their investment.
Why Advocates, Credibility, and Social Proof are the New Keys to Growth
Hubspot - Marcus Andrews, Principal Product Marketing Manager
At HubSpot we're experts in marketing and growth, but since 2018 all we've been talking about customer service. Why? Because we've figured out that there is no better marketing than what your customers have to say about you. People listen to companies who have happy successful customers advocating for them and ignore those that don’t. In this talk Marcus will break down why credibility is so important today, and how Service and Marketing teams have to work together to build communities of advocates that generate social proof.

Day 3

How Ultra-Productive Community Managers Get Stuff Done
Demand Metric
An online community can quickly become a mess without the right people, processes, and tools in place to help you manage it successfully. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant stream of questions, ideas, and information that is being shared. All highly-effective community managers have one thing in common: they are super organized. Join John from Demand Metric to learn how ultra-productive community managers are staying organized and increasing transparency so they are better-positioned leverage insights, drive more engagement, and add value to their organizations.
KPIs, Analytics and Data - making sense of the numbers
Vanilla Forums - Adrian Speyer, Head of Community
Your community has a ton of data just waiting to be collected, analyzed and measured. Easier said than done though, right? Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what KPIs should be captured from your community, and even more so, how to capture them. Join Adrian Speyer, the Head of Community at Vanilla Forums, to learn the basics of community KPIs and analytics. In this webinar, Adrian will discuss proper analytics set up, discuss what matters to measure, and how to have the proper conversations to ensure you show the impact of your online community to your organization.

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