How a Community of Practice Can Support Your Customers

On Demand Webinar

Online communities are excellent at providing support since they empower customers to find the information that they need when they need it. But some online communities go beyond this simple approach; these communities work to provide customers with the opportunity to collectively build knowledge by sharing their professional knowledge. This is done by developing and promoting a Community of Practice (CoP) program within the community.

CoP programs enable online support communities to deepen the value that they deliver to customers by connecting peers, facilitating the exchange of tacit knowledge and helping them explore questions that have yet to be answered. Although the benefits of CoP programs are lengthy, it can be difficult to know how to enhance your community support in this way.

Join us for this on demand webinar led by Georgina Cannie, Head of the Pragmatic Alumni Community for Pragmatic Institute, as she explores how Online Customer Support Communities can incorporate CoP programs.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why and how a CoP program will add value to your Customer Support Community
  • The ways that a CoP and customer support community differ and compliment each other
  • The types of content, programming and facilitation that make CoP’s thrive
  • Actionable approaches you can use today to facilitate a CoP program in your community
Georgia Cannie
Online Community Lead, Pragmatic Institute

Georgina Cannie is an experienced community builder who has worked with companies like PWC, ESRI, and American Express. She has built communities for all types of users: from employees and partners, to customers and even fellow community organizers. Currently she runs the Pragmatic Alumni Community – A Community of Practice for Product Managers at Pragmatic Institute. She spends a lot of time thinking about how businesses can deliver human authenticity to their customers online. She has a soft-spot for adorable dogs and will try to kick your butt at backgammon if you let her.

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