Community: A Strategic Advantage in 2021

On Demand Webinar

While community professionals have been advocating the benefits of community for years, it has only recently become more common for organizations to provide their customers with this dedicated online space.

In fact, over the past few years, more evidence has emerged that shows the compelling value that community offers, which not only supports what community professionals have been saying for years, but also provides organizations with quantitative proof of community impact.

Led by Georgina Donahue, Brian Oblinger and Shana Sumers, this session will unpack the number one community trend of 2021: community as a strategic advantage.

This webinar will not only teach you the importance of a community champion/ dedicated community manager, but it will also explain why community is a must-have in 2021.

Additionally, our experts discuss a number of key findings from Chapter 1, including:

  • That most organizations have realized that community is a must-have; it’s a strategic program that can be used to forward objectives throughout the organization.
  • Organizations who already had established communities before the pandemic are now at a strategic advantage compared to those without.
Shana Sumers
Community Manager @ NEXT Music

Shana is the Senior Community Manager at NEXT Music and is currently working on launching the community for NEXT Music from the ground up. She is also the Founder of HER, a community of over 6 million users worldwide. Shana has had the opportunity to speak on multiple panels (as panelist and moderator), podcasts, private events and stages as both a speaker and keynote speaker.

Brian Oblinger
Chief Community Officer

Brian leads teams focused on customer experience, community, social, learning, enablement, support, and advocacy. Brian enables customers to learn products quicker, convert to paying customers faster, expand their accounts more rapidly, and remain customers longer.

Georgina Donahue
Director of Community @ Pragmatic Institute

Georgina is an experienced community builder who has worked with companies like PWC, ESRI, and American Express. She currently runs the Pragmatic Alumni Community—A Community of Practice for Product Managers at Pragmatic Institute—and spends a lot of time thinking about how businesses can deliver human authenticity to their customers online.

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