Launching a new online community or refreshing an existing oneWebinar_Landing_page_Laptop is no small undertaking.

Crafting an effective community management strategy to help you achieve your goals can be a real challenge.

This is why we collaborated with Demand Metric, an analyst firm, to create The Online Community Framework. Combining our years of experience in helping hundreds of businesses launch and implement online communities, you can also build your community with a proven process that allows you to see optimal results quickly. 

What You Will Get

Focusing on the key elements that ensures the success of your project, you'll learn how:

  • Online communities can add value in sales, marketing and customer service
  • To plan for the launch of an online community that integrates into your broader marketing strategy
  • To launch and measure the community you develop

If you're looking at building a community and don't know where to start, this is a great resource to have!

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