Measuring Feeling Metrics Going Beyond CSat & NPS in Customer Communities

On Demand Webinar

Virtual communities are similar to communities that you find offline in that the steps we take to join, participate and connect with others all prompt certain feelings—feelings that we expect to experience in our journey with a community.

And while these feelings are what drives members to engage and keep coming back, it is often difficult to pin-point what exactly these feelings are and how to encourage them. Even more difficult is understanding how to actually capture these sentiments and measure them. In essence, how can you not only create the experiences that boost the most effective feelings, but also then connect these feelings to the ROI of your community?

In this on-demand webinar Nichole Devolites, the Director of Customer Experience at SecureAuth, she tackles just this: how to measure the feelings of your members.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The feelings are crucial to securing happy members
  • How to report on the feelings within your community
  • What you can do to boost these feelings
  • How to increase growth to prove a better ROI
Nichole Devolites
Director of Customer Experience, SecureAuth

Nichole Devolites is currently the Director of Customer Experience at SecureAuth, and has been in the tech industry for over 20 years. She spent the first half of her career working for Microsoft and its partners, establishing marketing programs and sales tactics that generated increased awareness and revenue in markets that commanded tough competition.  But, her inclination to make an impact on an organization through disrupting processes and transforming antiquated cultures, led her to a career in innovation and customer experience, both of which continue to be passions today.

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