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There’s a common misconception that community is a mere support solution, used to deliver customers with the tools to service themselves when seeking product or service support. While support may be the primary objective of many successful communities, to believe that this is the only purpose that communities serve is a mistake and is missing most of the value communities can help create for both organizations and their customers.

This misinformed strategy has led many executives and middle management to disregard community and designate it as “a project for another time.” Simply put, they don’t “get” community, so they instead favour other (less effective) methods of achieving their objectives by investing in marketing and social media. But the fact of the matter is, online communities have never been more necessary, and the opportunity to create value through community development has never been more significant; now is the time to start a community revolution!

Check out this on-demand webinar led by Bill Johnston, founder of Structure3C, as he walks us through the process he calls a “community revolution” – reflection, reckoning and revolutionary leadership. This webinar will explore the most effective strategies and tactics to forward the idea, practice, and value of community inside your organization.

By the end of this session, you’ll understand:

  • How to assess your current environment and develop a strategic plan for change
  • How to identify the triggering events to fuel your revolution
  • How to successfully secure executive support
  • How to ensure that community is integrated throughout your organization and customer experience
Bill Johnston
Chief Community Officer, Structure 3C

Bill founded Structure3C to help organizations move beyond the boundaries of platforms and optimization-focused “best practice” to create transformational community experiences. Prior to founding Structure3C, Bill held Director positions at Autodesk and Dell, where he was responsible for online community and social media globally.

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