As a community manager, you have to be a creative problem solver, while also being strategic. It's also important to keep learning and sharing the best tactics.

In this recorded webinar, you''ll learn from four industry thought leaders who will delve into topics to help you become a better community manager. The panelists discussed:

  • What are the top skill sets that a community manager should have in their arsenal and why?
  • How can you build a great moderation team?
  • How can you convince upper management on the value of community?
  • What do you know now that you wished you had known when you first started?
  • What are some engagement tactics that can bring out the lurkers?

 The panelists  were:

hannah-kovacs.jpgHannah Kovacs: As Community Manager at PostBeyond and former Communications Specialist at Free the Children, she knows what it takes to build relationships with your core audience.  
alexandera-bowen.jpgAlexandra Bowen: Alexandra is the Head of Community of DreamFactory Software, where she is experienced with both online and offline communities. She has created community strategies from the ground up and believes that sweating the small stuff yields big results.
carrie-jones.jpgCarrie Jones: COO and the Founding Partner of CMX , Carrie calls herself a community nurturer and builder. She helps people feel that they belong to a larger purpose and mission.

krista-gray.jpgKrista Gray: Founder of and former Community Manager at, Krista deals in digital marketing strategy and was responsible for community strategy, engagement and operations.

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