Encouraging Developer to Developer Collaboration & Support

Recorded Workshop on Best Practices

It’s well understood that a thriving community is one where members support each other.  But how can you foster a culture of collaboration for solutions-focused developers who just want to fix bugs, solve problems and build quickly?

Watch as Developer Community Consultant Sarah-Jane Morris, founder of Listen Community Consulting, walks through the highlights of a series of interviews with Developer Product, Advocate and Community experts from companies like Slack, Shopify, Stoplight and Atlassian. She’ll cover questions and topics such as:

  • How do you encourage dev to dev support from day one of community building?
  • When to jump into developer community conversations, and when to lay low
  • Approaches to monitoring and engaging with proprietary developer communities (online communities, docs, etc) vs. external developer communities (Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc)
  • Stories of successful developer community collaborations: from bug fixes, to hires, to business building
Guest Speaker

Sarah-Jane Morris is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Listen Community Consulting. She spent 6 years in San Francisco building inclusive developer communities at companies like Mashery, Intel, Keen IO, and most recently, Shopify. Prior to working in San Francisco, SJ spent 9 years in Montreal working on marketing, community, SEO and branding at both B2B and developer-facing companies.

She’s driven by an audacious vision of a diverse and welcoming tech industry and believes the healthiest, most inclusive communities take the time to listen and learn from each other.

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