A Community Love Story: A Collection of Case Studies

These technology companies have achieved dizzying heights with their Vanilla powered communities, find out how.

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What’s in here

The pandemic has held a magnifying glass over a brand’s need to meet changing customer expectations and understand new customer behaviours. Don’t be fooled though, once the pandemic has passed, these expectations and behaviours will still need to be addressed.

Community has proven to be an all-in-one opportunity to understand these behaviours and meet these expectations.

You may be on the journey to establishing your community, but there are some questions you need to ask yourself before you move forward.

This eBook is going to cover how a Vanilla by Higher Logic community has helped some of our existing technology customers understand and meet their customers where they are, and how Vanilla has spurred them on through capabilities, support, features, and more.

Vanilla stands out from the crowd in terms of personality, looks, functionality, and support. We’re the partner that is willing to learn from and teach you, to grow with you, and to see the potential for elevation together. But don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers have achieved with our help and guidance, and what they have to say!


01 How the TSIA Exchange Community is seeing results that exceed expectations

“We’re delighted by the results that we are seeing right now. We set out to help leaders in the tech industry get answers amidst the global pandemic, but with Vanilla’s help, it’s become a safe place to navigate all sorts of critical business challenges.“

Patrick Carmitchel – VP Product Management

02 How F-Secure saw cost savings year-on-year with Vanilla

“The amount of money that we make from the community pays for much more than just the platform; by measuring revenue contribution alone we are able to pay off the platform.”

Anna Blomstedt – Senior Manager, Self Service & Digital CX

03 How Secure Auth reduced response time by 35%

“The majority of what our customers need can now be found in one centralized location—our new community—and our customers are absolutely loving the organization we brought to their self-service support.”

Nichole Devolites – Director of Customer Experience

04 How Cireson deflected 90% of support tickets

“I used to have 40-50 support tickets sitting in my inbox per day, but now it’s only about 3-4. Vanilla has proven to be a
worthwhile investment, resulting in massive time savings.”

Joe Burrows – Senior Support Engineer