An Exploratory Research Study:

Acts of Customer Advocacy and the Business Impact

On average, every dollar a brand invests in an advocacy program leads to 650% ROI.

Learn how else an advocacy program can impact your business.

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What's in the ebook?

Do you know the value of a customer advocate? 

Customer advocates exist and already advocate on your behalf – they want to advocate for brands that build an excellent customer experience. Furthermore, they already advocate! 

Our research details what makes customers more inclined to advocate for a brand, and how it can impact overall organizational goals and objectives.  

01 Customer Advocacy Works

Customer advocacy can lead to better retention rates, strong ROI, and increased purchase intention within your existing and potential customer bases.

02 Customers Want to be Advocates

Customers truly want to advocate on behalf of brands that build an excellent customer experience for them. The real kicker? They already do.

03 Why Customers Share Positive Experiences

When customers are offered perks, or benefits of an advocacy program they are more inclined to partake in acts of advocacy and showcase your brand.

04 How Advocacy Impacts Your Business

When you nurture existing customers through an advocacy program, not only do they help attract new business for your brand, but they further their own loyalty and spend with you.