Why Product-Led Growth is a Customer Success Responsibility


Product-led Growth is fast becoming a leading business driver in the SaaS world. But why should customer success be the ones to drive meaningful change?

Find out why your organization should be implementing a product-led growth strategy today, and why customer success should manage it with this free ebook.

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What’s in the eBook?

As the eyes and ears of an organization, customer success can drive acquisition, expansion, and retention. Without a clear understanding of a product’s capability, or the value it creates for customers, however, churn is unavoidable.

Customer success should be leading the Product Led Growth (PLG) initiative by adding weight to customer feedback, offering actionable, data driven insights throughout an organization, and better serving customers.

Learn how CS teams can drive a product led growth strategy, and why it can be beneficial to your organization.


01 Sales vs. Product Led Growth

Learn why sales led growth is no longer the go-to-market strategy for many companies and how product-led growth can create positive, long-term impact.

02 Cross Functional Teams

Customer success should lead the PLG initiative but ensure that all business units are working under the same directive: customer-centric improvements

03 Customer Success Management

Customer success teams should be building a better customer journey, listening and reporting on VoC, and creating usage insights that can be consumed cross-organizationally.

04 Product Led Growth in the Real World

There are several brands out there leading the pack when it comes to a product led growth strategy. Discover what they’re doing right and see how you can follow the path they’ve paved.