Customer communities are critical to the growth and success of your business. Community involvement increases customer loyalty and customer retention, it lowers customer acquisition costs, helps you find and maintain product-market fit, increases word-of-mouth marketing, and serves as an excellent competitive differentiator. 

But where do you start, and how do you ensure that your customers have the support they need to be successful? How can customer success teams use community to further the success of their customers?

Learn from Ben Winn, a customer success leader and someone who has built both grassroots communities and customer communities. In this on-demand session, he will touch on a number of important topics related to being successful at both endeavours, including:

  • How to build successful relationships with your customers 
  • Common customer success challenges and how to address them
  • How to build your own community to drive customer retention and expansion
Ben Winn Round
Ben Winn
CS in Focus

Ben Winn is an award-winning Customer Success thought leader, speaker and writer. He originated the Customer Success team at SeamlessMD, was on the Founding Team for the Venture Out Conference, and is the Founder of CS In Focus; Canada’s largest Customer Success community. Ben won the Customer Success Innovator of the Year award in 2018 for creating the Account Behaviour Formula and has successfully created an innovative and impactful customer community at SeamlessMD. Ben is also a Young Diplomats of Canada Delegate, a BetaKit contributor, a Venture for Canada Fellow, and in 2018 he published his eBook: The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Success. He is currently working on his new company Assembly, which aims to empower companies and communities to build and manage successful partnerships.

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