Enabling Customer Success with Community Building

Increasing value and reducing churn

ipad-mockupThe idea of customer success (CS) may be a relatively new concept, however its effectiveness has quickly put it at the top of successful and impactful business strategies.

That being said, many organizations have begun to adopt these types of teams to not only get ahead of their competition, but to also ensure that customers get the most from their products or services. In essence, CS is a long-term and proactive approach to customer relations that provides a two-way relationship with your online community forum, making your CS and community more powerful than ever before.

Co-authored by Ben Winn, an award-winning Customer Success thought leader and the Founder of Canada’s largest Customer Success community, CS In Focus, this eBook will provide you with the knowledge necessary to empower your CS team through community.

This ebook will cover a number of key topics, including:

  • The differences between CS and customer service
  • CS roles and responsibilities
  • What makes an effective CS team
  • The role that emotions play in winning over customers
  • How community and CS intersect
  • How community and CS can support each other’s goals

Grab your free copy today to find out how you can use CS to help fuel your community and help your business achieve its end goals.

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