The Executive's Guide to Community Investment

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Have you heard that building a community that fosters belonging can create customer loyalty and lower your cost of acquisition? Well, that’s true…with some caveats. Most executives that look to invest in a community fail at one of the most crucial aspects of this strategic initiative: a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make a community successful.

It’s not uncommon for executives to commit to investing in community—indeed, there are many compelling stats that show the value and impact community can have. But after the excitement of a new investment dies down, most executives tend to skip or gloss-over the crucial planning stages in their investment, leading to wasted technical resources, design budgets, talent, and team morale. Community is an investment, and like any other strategic initiatives, it requires careful planning to see success.

Make sure you watch this on-demand webinar led by Carrie Melissa Jones, Founder of Gather Community Consulting. After working with many executive leadership members—including CMOs and VPs of Marketing—at organizations as diverse as lifestyle brands, consumer packaged goods companies, and tech companies, she has learned that there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach a community investment.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The critical steps you need to take before dumping money and resources into a haphazard plan
  • How properly approach and assess a community investment
  • The timeline to plan for your launch
  • What realistic community growth and engagement looks like
Carrie Melissa Jones
Founder, Gather Community Consulting

Carrie is a community leader, entrepreneur, and community consultant who has built community online since the early 2000s. Her work influences the world’s leading brand communities including the American Medical Association, Brainly, Buffer, Google, and Patreon. In 2016, Salesforce’s Mathew Sweezey named Jones one of three experts to follow on community management.

She is the founder of Gather Community Consulting and the former COO and Founding Partner of CMX Media. She is currently working toward an M.A. in Communication at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.


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