A Guide to Online Communities for Enterprise Organizations

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Maintaining multiple product lines, training employees, and servicing customers takes on a whole new meaning when numbers extend into the millions. Due to their massive scale of operations, enterprise organizations therefore require lean and scalable digital solutions that are able to address many challenges at once.

This solution comes in the form of an online community, which offers a practical, affordable, multi-purposed and scalable digital solution that increases operational efficiency while cutting costs.

Many enterprise organizations have already begun to use online communities to address their organizational challenges. Indeed, communities are able to support top enterprise challenges, including scaling without compromising customer experience, increasing sales without spending too much and staying on top of product issues and bugs for multiple product lines. But that’s just a quick overview; enterprise communities have so much value to offer that not adopting one could be a costly mistake.

This guide will provide you with an overview of what procuring an online community can do for enterprise organizations, including:

  • How community compliments enterprise priorities
  • How community addresses key challenges
  • Crucial enterprise community features to look for when assessing vendors
  • Strategic community programs that drive enterprise community success
  • Examples of enterprise organizations who have seen success with their communities

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