How to Build and Scale a Succesful Developer Community


Developer communities work to provide their technical audience with support, empower developers to share feedback, create new APIs, provide a space for professional development, and seek to recognize those who advocate on behalf of the brand.

But building a developer community—let alone scaling one—is a challenge for most organizations. That’s because developer relations (DevRel) teams are relatively new, and the term itself is often ambiguous and escapes even the most seasoned business professional. Moreover, developers themselves are a hot commodity, and it takes something special to make them want to hang around in your space.

So how can you get your organization on board with building a developer community? Even more important, once you’ve secured the go-ahead, what are the must-have features from potential vendors and how do you build them in a way that attracts (and retains) top developer talent?

This eBook will address these challenges and take look at some of the key questions surrounding DevRel, including:

  • What is developer relations?
  • How do I build a developer community?
  • What makes a strong developer community?
  • What are the benefits of a developer community?
  • How do I measure success?
  • What are the common challenges and how do I mitigate them?

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