Are you currently looking into acquiring a new community platform?

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Selecting the wrong community platform can be a costly mistake. That's why picking the right one is a decision that deserves careful consideration and targeted research.

In order to pick the right solution for your organization’s unique needs, you must have a comprehensive requirements checklist and structured vendor selection process in place.

Watch John Follett, Partner & Analyst at Demand Metric, and Mél Attia, VP Marketing at Vanilla, as they share expert tips and a vendor agnostic buyer’s guide (which includes 12 practical tools & templates) that will put you in the driver’s seat throughout the selection process.

In this 50 minute webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage a best-in-class vendor evaluation process
  • Mitigate risks and guarantee rewards
  • Conduct effective vendor reviews
  • Define real TCO and ROI for the project
  • Feel confident that you have made the right decision

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