How to Segment Developers Into Personas

Live Webinar | Learn how to maximize the return of your developer marketing efforts

Although developers may share some common traits (you could definitely say they’re intelligent and computer savvy), they are in fact a very diverse bunch. Using the same marketing message to target all of them may prove a costly mistake, as they are not a single homogeneous mass that may be expected to respond in the same way.

The benefits of segmenting the market in smaller groups and targeting each with a tailored message have long since been understood and adopted by marketing professionals. The question is, how do you do so effectively for such a diverse audience as developers are?

Learn from Christina Voskoglou, the Director of Research at /Data as she discusses how to maximise the return of your developer marketing efforts. Christina will touch on:

  • Popular segmentation practices that developer marketing leaders use
  • How to create homogeneous segments that do not overlap
  • Pros and Cons of popular segmentation methodologies
  • A data-based approach to defining developer personas
About our Speaker: Christina Voskoglou

As the Director of Research, Christina is responsible for all of /Data’s research products and heads the analyst and operations teams. With more than 19 years of experience in data science, data mining, BI and CRM design, she leads all research for /Data, from planning and methodology, survey design, and data analysis, to insights generation and research commercialisation.

Christina is also behind /Data’s outcome-based developer segmentation model and is the leading /Data researcher in Machine Learning and Data Science.

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