Attracting, engaging and retaining players has always been important. In today's gaming industry, it is more crucial and competitive than ever. Players accept nothing less than immediate service, handled in context.

This is why we brought together 3 experts in player acquisition and retention to discuss the best strategies and tactics in getting new players and keeping them happy. The goal of the roundtable was to provide actionable advice to propel games to the highest levels of success.

Topics discussed included:

  • The changing nature of player acquisition, engagement and retention
  • Player acquisition and retention strategies in each stage of the production cycle
  • How acquisition and retention intersect and complement each other
  • How the various marketing channels can be used to optimize acquisition and retention in 2018 and beyond

This recorded webinar includes insights from the marketing veterans of studios such as Gazeus, Uken and also from research firm M2 Insights.

Our Presenters:

Paula-Neves.pngPaula Neves
CMO of Gazeus   gazeus.png

Nick van Vugt.pngNick van Vugt
Community Lead at Uken Gamesuken-games.png

wanda-meloni.pngWanda Meloni
Chief Analyst at M2 InsightsM2InsightsSticky144.png


mel-attia.pngMelanie Attia
Vice President of Marketing


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