The Official Handbook of KPIs for Community

In order to maximize the value of your community, you need to understand what the right key performance indicators (KPIs) are, and how to measure them. 

Our free eBook helps you both set and measure the right KPIs for your community, no matter your analytical expertise. 

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What’s in the ebook?

Underrepresenting the value of your community can prove detrimental to your community’s long-term success. You need to ensure that the KPIs you’re measuring showcase your community’s impact and prove its value.  

This eBook is intended to help you, as a community professional, navigate the journey to building, setting and measuring effective KPIs that are right for your community and organization. This eBook will cover several important topics, including: 

01 Why is it Important to Measure Value?

Understand why it’s so important to measure the value of your community.

02 Creating the Right KPIs for your community

Determine which KPIs you should be setting and measuring for your community. 

03 The Most Measurable Community KPIs

Get some inspiration from the most common community KPIs.

04 Collecting and Analyzing Your Community KPIs

Learn which tools are the best to both collect and analyze your KPIs with.