Europe has its own set of unique complexities that differ from the environment that communities based in North America face. These complexities, such as a multicultural environment, a market facing its own challenges, and a geographical landscape that impacts the flow of services and jobs, means that processes are also a bit different in Europe.

Join us on November 21 at 2PM CET when we hear from Alfredo Morresi, Senior Community Manager at Google, who works with tech communities across Europe. Alfredo will share his experiences and knowledge about managing a European community, and will talk about everything from hiring and onboarding to team culture and communication. 

Alfredo will discuss the unique challenges of managing a pan-european community team, including:

  • Hiring in a distributed team environment
  • Onboarding
  • Team culture
  • Communication
  • Setting the vision and the goals
  • Career path and opportunities
Alfredo Morresi
Alfredo Morresi
Senior Community Manager, Google

Alfredo Morresi started his career in community at Linux User Group, and has now been in the community space for two decades. Today, Alfredo works at Google in the Developer Relations org, and leads a team of community managers working with tech communities across Europe. Alfredo is a public speaker, a nerdy dev, snowboarder, and father of two. He loves and embraces change for the better, everything yellow and tiramisù.