Online Communities: The Benefits and Impacts on Organizations 2019

Those in the field know how incredibly dynamic community management is as a profession. There are great days, and there are terrible days, but overall, the job is rewarding, and wide ranging.  

Our Community Manager Survival Guide is here to help you grow your career, maintain your sanity, and build a thriving community team. 

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What’s in the ebook?

This guide will cover the most important topics in Community Management and supplement your training as a Community Manager and be equipped with the knowledge necessary to succeed. 

01 How to Engage Your Community

Learn how to actively engage your community members and keep them interested. 

02 Proving Value

Understand how best to prove your value to your members and your organization. 

03 Handling Negativity

Get a guide on how best to deal with trolls and negativity in your community. 

04 Creating Community Guidelines

Build community guidelines that will keep your members safe and set you up for success.