Expert Partner

Brian Oblinger

Strategic Community Consultant

Ever since I got online in the late 1990’s, I have been fascinated with building communities and creating great digital experiences. I was fortunate to turn my passion into a career, helping hundreds of companies connect with their customers to build an engine for engagement, satisfaction, and retention. From a Content Moderator to the Vice President of Customer Experience and Global Community, I have amassed a vast library of knowledge, experience, and wisdom through the benefit of hindsight that I can share to accelerate your initiatives. I openly share my knowledge, templates, and resources here. It’s like strapping on a jet pack.


As a strategic community consultant, I help brands engage their customers to increase satisfaction, lower costs, and generate more revenue through the power of community and customer experience. I offer a broad range of services, guidance, and enablement. Wherever you’re going, I can get you there.