Expert Partner

Marjorie Anderson

Founder, Community by Association

Marjorie Anderson is the Founder of Community by Association, an organization that dually supports community management practitioners in associations and nonprofits and that provides information and resources to these organizations enabling them to build a solid foundation for their community programs. From connecting to top community talent to providing a practitioner community for association/nonprofit community builders (regardless of their title), Community by Association provides the opportunity for peer learning, contributing to the overall professional community management body of knowledge, and to get the information and resources needed to build connected, strategically sound online communities.


Marjorie is skilled at developing cohesive community strategies for global communities that connect to organizational goals and consider the full user experience across an organization's digital ecosystem. She has successfully led efforts to obtain buy-in across the business to highlight the value of the online community program, enabling the creation of holistic programs that connect community members to each other and the products/services within the organization. Marjorie can help with strategy development and review, community audits, and assessing business alignment for your community program.