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There are many things that help shape a customer's experience with your brand, and the ability to access self-service support with ease is one of them. The attitudes that your customers form based on your ability to deliver on these types of expectations can make or break your business.

Building on existing literature surrounding customer experience and customer self-service support, we sought to explore how customer attitudes shape a customer's experience, the actions they take and their subsequent perception of the organization. To conduct this study, we surveyed a random sample of 285 people, who were asked a number of questions, including, but not limited to, their habits and preferences on customer support, customer experiences and how it influences their actions

This research report will provide you with an overview of customer attitudes towards self-support efforts, namely through the use of online communities and knowledge bases, and further explore what factors have the biggest impact in shaping a customer's experience. 

This eBook will siphon through customer data and unpack four key findings:

  • Finding 1: Customers are often unable to find the support solutions online. 
  • Finding 2: Positive experiences resonate more than negative ones.
  • Finding 3: Customers expect organizations to offer self-service tools for support.
  • Finding 4: Customers trust organizations that focus on customer service and support.

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