Research Report: Customer Communities Elevate the Customer Experience

The State of Community Management 2020

socm-ipadOnline communities provide a wealth of benefits for organizations; they impact a variety of customer activities, boost engagement and provide a range of transformative business services. In short, a well maintained community will provide immense brand value and elevate the customer experience.

Each year, the Community Roundtable seeks to explore and assess community and the community profession, revealing key insights indicative of how the industry itself is evolving. This year marks their 11th Edition, which shows that, among other things, that the industry has made considerable progress in translating the generative business model of communities into financial benchmarks.

In collaboration with the Community Roundtable, we have provided you with a comprehensive summary of the The State of Community Management 2020, including an assessment of three key findings:

  • Advanced Communities Create Generative Value
  • External Communities Elevate the Customer Experience
  • Internal Communities Reveal Untapped Potential

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