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When it comes to community forums, just like a real recipe the right ingredients and the right tools make a real difference to success. If you aren't completely satisfied with the cost, support or results of your current community platform vendor, then it might be time to evaluate what else is out there. This eBook contains:

About our top support
Success stories
Migration steps
Reviews from switch customers

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Ian Muir
Lead Developer, OpenText

"The support staff at Vanilla are easy to work with. They want you to succeed with their product and are willing to help in any way possible to see that through. Working with Vanilla for migrations from multiple products has been a breeze."

Sarah Green
Community and Social Media Manager, YouView

"Moving to Vanilla was a great decision for us as we were provided with many more features, customization areas, and settings than we had with our previous forum software. The migration process with Vanilla was very smooth and we have had contacts within Vanilla to ask questions throughout the process."

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