Gaming Community Playbook

With hundreds of gaming forums using Vanilla, we’ve packaged the expertise we’ve gained over the years into this 125-page walkthrough.

Gaming forums have been around since before the advent of the internet as we know it. From the first BBS launched in 1973 in Berkeley California to the community forums of today, players have been drawn together by their love of games.
Gaming Community

They also provide several unique challenges, and community managers in that industry must be at the top of their game to survive.

Hundreds of gaming companies have chosen Vanilla to power their communities and now we've packaged our expertise into this 125-page ebook. This ebook covers the strategies and best practices to ensure your own gaming community is a success.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction P.03
  • Launching a new player forum P.05
  • Should you soft launch your new community? P.21
  • Attracting and engaging players P.25
  • Identifying and harnessing community evangelists P.37
  • Simplifying your community management workflow P.46
  • Player types found in most gaming forums P.61
  • Managing your members P.71
  • Dealing with misbehaving whales P.86
  • Finding the best moderators P.96
  • Keeping overhead resources low P.102
  • Measuring success P.113
  • More resources P.124

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