UPDATED 2017 EDITION: Gaming communities have been around since before the advent of the internet as we know it. From the first BBS launched in 1973 to the online communities of today, players have been drawn together by their love of games.  They also provide several unique challenges, and those responsible for managing player communities in that industry must be at the top of their game to survive. Vanilla packaged the expertise they’ve gained over the years into this comprehensive 150-page ebook.


Chapter sample:

  • Determine the reason for your community
  • Don't build your game before you launch your community
  • Leveraging Steam Early Access to build your player base
  • Getting your first 100 players
  • Simplifying your workflow
  • Finding the best moderators
  • Keeping resource overhead low
  • Gamer archetypes in every community
  • How to measure your success

Here's what others had to say about the book:

- “Great read on how to run a Game forum and make your life as a Community Manager easier. From basics to harder topics.” - Robert Evans (@TatlTaelCast)

- “I loved the guide. Very interesting. Your list of gamer archetypes was spot on!” – Joseph B.