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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day 2022!

In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day 2022, we celebrated with four full webinar sessions dedicated to community management. Following on from our Community Predictions eBook, we wanted to delve a little further into four important topics for 2022.

On January 24th, Adrian Speyer was joined by a host of bona-fide community experts who are here to talk about 2022 key trends for community and how they can impact your whole organization. With four sessions and 8 community experts you’re spoiled for choice:


Our Experts

The experts that contributed to Community Predictions 2022 come from an array of backgrounds and work in entirely different industries. From gaming communities, Non Profit Associations, and SaaS company communities, our experts are based in North America, Germany, Spain, and India.

They have something in common though, and that’s a passion for all things community building.


What can you expect to learn?


Session 1: Making Community Accessible to All feat. Majorie Anderson & Shana Sumers

Marjorie Anderson and Shana Sumers discuss accessibility and community – and why community leaders need to step up to the bar in terms of creating an equal space for all.

Find out how you can do more to increase accessibility within your community and push boundaries in your organization.



Session 2: Community Moving Beyond Transactional Support feat. Brian Oblinger & Nichole Devolites

This coming year will see consumers expect more connection and more belonging from brands they interact with – purely transactional relationships will no longer be good enough.

Join Brian Oblinger and Nichole Devolites as they discuss the future of support communities and how they’re going to be evolving.


Session 3: The Growth of the Community Career Path feat. Carrie Melissa Jones & Erica Kuhl

Carrie Melissa Jones and Erica Kuhl discuss how the community career path is changing in 2022.

There is a changing in the structure of the community professional role, an evolution of the community team’s place in an organization, and the rise of the CCO, the Chief Community Officer that is.


Session 4: Community Moving from Marketing to Customer Success feat. Amanda Petersen & Lana Lee

In 2022, we should expect community to move away from the marketing vertical and instead, align with customer success.

What kind of changes need to be made for this push to happen? Join Amanda Petersen of MURAL and Lana Lee of Zoura to find out.

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