Driving Revenue With Community Programs: Uncovering Community Qualified Leads

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Dan Cmejla is the Director of Community and Partnerships at Chili Piper and the former General Manager of Modern Sales Pros (MSP). At MSP, he scaled their community of sales and operations execs from 1,000-15,000 members over two years while driving millions in sponsorship revenue.

Dan’s background includes founding and building communities in tech and politics. He is also the founder of several communities including #LeadersVote, Modern SaaS, ElectionDayOff, the Biden-Harris Professional Network, and Chili Piper’s own advisory community. Dan currently oversees the strategy and logistics for Chili Piper’s relationship with over a dozen sales and marketing communities.


Despite proven successes, there is still a common dispute about the value of community in terms of marketing and/ or sales. Many people question whether it should even be a focus.

One of the most advantageous aspects to a branded community is the ability to drive MQLs and to pursue these leads with a data-driven approach. In fact, understanding and applying the right strategy, as well as using the right approach can help you to develop and expand your lead pool in your community and beyond.

Director of Community and Partnerships at Chili Piper, Dan Cmejla, leads an in-depth discussion on how he has driven sales with their community program. Dan shares how he has approached community building to help Chili Piper reach great heights and their plans for an even more successful future by engaging in communities the right way.

Watch to learn:

  • The value of joining external/related communities to your niche.
  • The concept of community qualified leads, how to drive MQLS and follow up in a strategic way.
  • Tactics and strategies to ensure you maintain trust and don’t damage your relationships.

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