Power Hour with the Community Team @ MURAL

Want to know what it takes to build a community from the ground up? Check out our panel discussion with the MURAL Community Team.

In just 4 months, they have established a thriving community, and they’ve explained to us how they did it!

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Building relationships and community is Beth’s DNA, and she loves to connect people with one another to do amazing things. Beth has spent the last 14 years running communities, creating content, forming advocacy and ambassador programs, and building customer-facing knowledge systems. Beth thrives in the gray and believes that the relationships that we have and the communities that we build around the work that we do is the key to how we sustain them. Beth has worked fully remote and managed distributed teams since 2014.


Amanda Petersen loves growing communities, facilitating gnarly discovery processes, and understanding actions with analytics in data. Amanda brings over 15 years of experience facilitating, assessing, building in person and online communities, and teaching and training assessment, communication, relationship building, stress management, and analysis, In her current role, Amanda delivers targeted customer centric community operations solutions and works strategically across MURAL to build community within MURAL and with our MURAL members. She is a fierce advocate for MURAL members, their work, and community.


Lindsay Olson is an experienced community builder, strategist, and advocate. Driven by customer-centricity, she takes pride in providing the best virtual spaces possible. As a Community Manager her goals include fostering relationships and encouraging collaboration. In addition to her primary job functions, Lindsay has been recognized by the industry for her commitment to transparency and fun.


MURAL came to Vanilla and in just 4 months we built their thriving community from scratch.

As a first time community, the MURAL team has been strategic, creative, and innovative. Not only has the community offered a brilliantly collaborative space to MURAL customers, it has garnered excellent product feedback and ideation and has, in such a short time, proven itself a community worth emulating.

So, how did they do it?

The MURAL community team joined us to discuss just that! Beth Vanderkolk and Community Managers Lindsay Olson and Amanda Peterson conduct a power hour to explain how they have used Vanilla to build such a wonderful community.

Check it out to learn:

  • How they built their community team
  • How community has become integral to the MURAL strategy
  • The lessons they have learned and the advice they would give companies on the same journey
  • Knowing the right time to launch an advocacy program

This is an excellent discussion full of insight from the people who understand growing a community from the ground up.

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