Building a Successful Community Superfan Program

On Demand Webinar

Every social group is made up of members who are more engaged, more enthusiastic and more dedicated than others. In the online community space, we call these people Superfans. These community members post more, connect more, engage with your company more than the average user.

But the million dollar question…how can you shape your community to have the conditions necessary to attract these powerful and necessary people? It doesn’t happen overnight and it requires the planning and development of a strategic and formal Superfan program that will help you to identify, motivate, and guide the growth of Superfans within your community and the subsequent impact they’ll have on it.

Join Jake McKee, CEO and Lead Strategist at Community5, as he shares his insights on how to best build and execute a formal Superfan programs.

In his session, Jake will touch on:

  • What Superfans actually are, and what they’re not.
  • What motivates a Superfan, and what you can do to acknowledge them and provide them with guidance?
  • How to develop a Superfan program that’s right for your community.
  • How to launch this program and ensure that it’s integrated into the daily operational activities within your community.
  • How to analyze and measure the success of your Superfan program.
About our Speaker:

Jake McKee is one of the founders of the modern customer community movement. He led Apple’s famed Global Support Communities, pioneered efforts at LEGO to engage its adult users in a community and co-founded Ant’s Eye View (later purchased by PwC) which helped firms like Starbucks, Canon, and H&RBlock build customer communities that became powerful engines for marketing, sales, product innovation and the customer experience. Jake currently runs Community5, a consulting practice focused on helping organizations drive more success with their online communities, fan engagement programs, and product development processes. He also manages the Dinner5 project, a monthly dinner series that brings senior community leaders together.

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