If your company is considering launching an online community, you may be scratching your head about where to begin. While there are a million ways to connect your customers in a branded community space, not all those ways will fuel sustainable business value. That’s why creating your business’s case for community is so key.

Want to know how to align your community with your business’s goals the right way?

David Spinks, founder and CEO of CMX, and Melanie Attia, VP of Marketing at Vanilla Forums, have an in-depth discussion on how to align your online community to meet your corporate business goals.

Confirm your details to see the recorded webinar. Below is just a taste of what was covered.

Some of the actionable insights covered included how to:

  • Outline the objectives of your business and tie them back to community
  • Drive one of the five different types of community business value:
    • Support
    • Product
    • Acquisition
    • Content
    • Engagement
  • Gather insights from concrete examples of companies who have built business cases for each of the above values
  • Distinguish between community health and business objectives

Creating a strong business case for community is vital to your community’s success. Learn how to create yours with the best in the business.

The Presenters

David Spinks

Melanie Attia
VP of Marketing

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