The Democratization of Customer Success

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John Ragsdale is the distinguished Vice President of technology research for TSIA. His area of expertise is in assisting enterprise technology firms with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, with a constant focus on the customer experience.

John drives TSIA’s highly regarded technology research agenda, delivering insightful thought-leadership research and analysis on the most pressing issues facing business leaders to enable them to better plan and execute their strategies. John is the author of “Lessons Unlearned,” which chronicles his career inside the customer service industry, and contributing author to “How Companies Succeed in Social Business.


As enterprise technology firms are in the midst of a rapid transition from onpremise to cloud technology, product development, sales, implementation, and support strategies are obliged to follow suit.

One of the most visible changes to companies as part of this transformation is the advent of customer success.

The function of your customer success is tied to several key objectives and most, if not all, of these are litigable through community.

Join us for a webinar led by TSIA’s distinguished vice president of technology research, John Ragsdale. Along with Adrian Speyer, Head of Community for Vanilla Forums, expect an in-depth conversation about the role of online customer communities in enabling the three critical charters of customer success: adoption, renewals, and expansion.

Join us to learn:

  • How community enables adoption, expansion, and growth
  • How community can democratize customer success
  • John’s own Enterprise Community Progression Model

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