Driving Adoption and Increasing Engagement In Your Online Community Forum

ipad_driving-adoptionEngagement is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face, and this is no different when it comes to online communities. It can be difficult to attract people to an online community, and even more difficult to ensure that they’re inspired enough to come back for more. 

Unfortunately, as it stands, 43% of people who make a contribution will never make a contribution again.

That begs the question—how do you increase community adoption and drive engagement, so that members will be compelled to come back time and time again? This guide is intended to provide you with a solid understanding of how you can develop an audience, increase usage, and craft an action plan with tactics aimed at participation and engagement for your online community.

This eBook will cover a number of important topics on how you can drive community engagement, including:

  • How to maximize your community UI and UX to help forward engagement
  • How to understand what your members need from the community, and how to deliver it
  • How to identify community leaders that can support your goals
  • Creating engaging community content that encourages participation
  • How to use gamification to increase community engagement
  • How to onboard members effectively so that they stay engaged

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