Should Customer Success Own Customer Marketing?

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Customer Success teams actively track KPIs and metrics that directly align with customer marketing outcomes. Including a customer marketing foundation to the customer success roster of tasks isn’t adding extra responsibilities, it’s using existing initiatives to win in new ways.

01 Customer Marketing, What's it Good For?

Customer marketing creates tangible business effects and is more cost effective than traditional marketing initiatives. Customer success is dynamically positioned to drive positive customer marketing outcomes.

02 The Customer as Sales Engine

The future sales engine of a business lives outside of the conventional sales team.
Apportioning the task of sales across employees and customers alike can build a better revenue model and create long-term value.

03 Who Owns Customer Marketing

Customer success KPIs and metrics align almost identically with the outcomes of customer marketing.
The foundation of customer marketing should live with customer success.

04 Treating Customers Better than Prospect

Offering value additional to your product or solution is the key to retention.True customer knowledge lives with customer success teams, and this insight is paramount to answer: ‘What’s in it for your customers?’.