How to Dramatically Improve Your Community Strategy

Free Advanced 3-Day Online Training Series

When you first begin building and managing communities, you rightly spend the majority of your time engaging members and responding to what happens. This is what helps get your community off the ground and helps you learn core community skills.

But if you’re still spending most of your time doing this kind of work a few years’ later, you’re probably not delivering on your full potential.

In this three-part series, FeverBee’s Richard Millington will guide you to make dramatic  improvements in your community strategy by focusing on three key areas. These areas are:

  1. Developing a complete member journey (from beginner to expert).
  2. Improving the design of your community
  3. Using your data to dramatically improve your community.


Session 1: Developing A Complete Member Journey

Far too many communities are unsure what segments of members exist within their audience or what they want each segment to do.

In this first session, Rich will show you how to identify the segments which exist within your community, understand what each segment needs and desires, and align your asks of each audience to your community’s goals.

This will then be translated into a communications plan you can execute to systematically increase the level of growth, participation, and value of your community

Session 2: Upgrading The Design of Your Community

Far too many organizations invest a large sum of money in a community design which closely reflects every other community.

Once you’ve completed session 1, it becomes easy to find opportunities to improve the layout and functionality of your community (regardless of the platform you’re using).

This session will showcase examples of best-practices in a wide-ranging number of communities. It will include how to improve discoverability of the community, the calls to action you should use, how to setup the homepage for success, banner-design, and improving the mobile experience and setting up nudges to ensure members ask better questions.

Session 3: Using Data for Decision-making

Far too many of us spend copious amounts of time discussing what data to gather but almost no time debating what we should do with it. We put them into reports for our boss to see if we’re doing a good job, but what then?

The final session explains how you can use data to build a system for continuous improvement. This session will walk you through the process of identifying what metrics you should measure, how to measure these metrics, and then what you should do with this data.

You will learn to stop working on the activities which don’t drive success and start working on those which do. If you’re looking to move to a community strategist role, this is the right webinar for you.


Richard Millington
Founder, Feverbee

Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee and the author of Buzzing Communities. Over the past 14 years, Richard has helped to develop over 250+ successful communities, including those for Facebook, Google, The World Bank, Oracle, Amazon, Autodesk, Lego, The United Nations, Novartis, and many more.

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