Knowledge Management, Knowledge-Centered Support and Strategic Change Management

How to deploy your most important assets for a painless and speedy customer support journey.

knowledge centred service ebookKnowledge management practices are intended to expedite business processes and reduce costs by reusing information and increasing its accessibility. Knowledge centered support, especially when delivered through a knowledge base, is the best way to deliver and capitalize on these practices.

The benefits that knowledge centered support provides organizations cannot be understated. Through repurposing existing knowledge and ensuring that it’s easily available and searchable, organizations are able to save time, money and deliver better customer service than ever before. That being said, the knowledge base is one of the best knowledge centered support tools available, and more and more organizations are looking to invest since, among other benefits, it greatly contributes to the customer experience.

With that in mind, this eBook is aimed at exploring what knowledge centered support encompasses, what benefits it can bring to an organization and how to implement it successfully.

This ebook will cover a number of key topics, including:

  • What knowledge management is
  • What knowledge centred support is and how it relates to knowledge management
  • The different types of knowledge centered support available
  • Why a knowledge base is the best knowledge centered support tool
  • Common knowledge centered support KPIs
  • How to manage change when looking to implement knowledge tools

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