Create Together, Stay Together Knowledge Sharing Communities

Knowledge Sharing Communities

The collective knowledge of your members is your communities’ superpower. Helping members to share, grow and create new knowledge together will not only unlock value for your members and the organization, but will also create strong relationships, which are essential for a long-lasting community.

Wherever you are on your community journey, it’s important for us community managers to create a safe environment for the relevant knowledge to flow and evolve regularly.

Join Nancy Kinder, a knowledge sharing community specialist, as she outlines how best to stimulate relevant conversations, identify common pains points and lead the evolution of a knowledge sharing community.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to map out and identify critical knowledge
  • Determine where the gaps and opportunities are
  • How best to address the gaps
  • What you can and should measure to determine success

Knowledge is often thought of as something that needs to be captured, curated and stored for prosperity, but without any plans to socialise it, it can become a dusty book or eBook that no-one looks at. Don’t let this happen in your organization—learn how to steer your community in order to keep the knowledge flowing!

Nancy Kinder
Community Strategist


Nancy Kinder enjoyed 11 years as Global Knowledge Manager at Cadbury/Kraft/Mondelez. During this time, she built up over 60 knowledge sharing communities, throughout mergers, acquisitions and confirmed the millions of pounds worth of value from innovation and collaborative work.

She now works independently, supporting both internal and external communities across all sectors, helping them avoid common pitfalls and accelerate the benefits. She is particularly proud of the super member programs she has helped create for brands and the new products, services and features they co-created together.


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