The Community Vendor Evaluation Guide

How to choose the right solution for building an online community for your organization and justify your decision.

So you know that you want an online community, but you don’t know who’s the best fit to get the job done? Fair – selecting the right vendor is a tough job.

That’s why we’ve created The Community Vendor Evaluation Guide. This worksheet will help you determine which community platform can deliver on your unique needs and provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for!

This worksheet will have you rate the functionality of the vendors you are considering based on a number of key criteria. The more important the criteria is to your organization, the more weight the results will carry.

The criteria used in this worksheet fall under 7 key categories:

  Administrative and Permission Functions
  Content Functions
  User Experience Functions
  User Interface Functions
  Gamification Functions
  Analytical Functions
  Other Functions


Download the worksheet today to properly assess all your options!

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