Community KPIs: Easier Than You Think


Community measurement can be a complex and polarizing, but while many people argue that community cannot and should not be measured, the reality is that you must demonstrate your community’s success to continue to secure investment. 

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John Ragsdale is the distinguished Vice President of technology research for TSIA. His area of expertise is in assisting enterprise technology firms with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, with a constant focus on the customer experience.

John drives TSIA’s highly regarded technology research agenda, delivering insightful thought-leadership research and analysis on the most pressing issues facing business leaders to enable them to better plan and execute their strategies. John is the author of “Lessons Unlearned,” which chronicles his career inside the customer service industry and contributing author to “How Companies Succeed in Social Business.


Over the past few years, support communities have grown in popularity and become an increasingly critical piece of the self-service strategy for technology firms.

In the age of subscription selling, customer success, and product led growth, however, smart companies are leveraging customer communities to become a one-stop shop that serves every step of the digital customer journey.

John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher and VP of Technology Ecosystems for TSIA, discusses TSIA’s Enterprise Community Progression Model, and describes the natural evolution he is seeing support communities take as they expand their target audience, content focus, and use cases, to become an industry thought leader hub.

John and Adrian Speyer, Head of Community at Higher Logic, discuss a number of topics, including:

  • Open vs. closed (gated) communities
  • Leveraging communities to support a freemium product offer
  • How communities enable adoption and retention
  • The importance of integrating community activity to CRM

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